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A spellbinding chat about culture, pop culture, and probably vultures.
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A spellbinding chat about feminism, culture, pop culture, and probably vultures. 


Jan 20, 2019

Hello, we're back with a (fun!) unreleased episode from summer 2018. Travel back in time with Andi and Kathleen as we talk intuition and red flags, compartmentalizing for survival and the witchy potency of meatspace hangouts. Kathleen questions ViaRail's Onboard entertainment selection while Andi recommends the VIP cinema experience. Plus: Ocean's 8, the women of The Sopranos, Hereditary, Princess Cyd, Aggretsuko, shaving your face and a titty orgasm!

Mar 8, 2018

Critics call this episode of the Witching Hour a lighthearted romp! Andi and Kathleen kvetch about passive aggressive emails, health food scams (looking at you, bone broth), and elusive bisexual anthems. Then it's time for a pop culture extravaganza: we share our favourite soothing, Canadian reality TV (Taste of the Country, Buy Herself, Come Dine With Me Canada) and our least favourite, unsoothing American reality TV (Celebrity Big Brother). Plus, the Oscars and a recipe for almond chicken soup with sweet potato and ginger!

Jan 31, 2018

It's 2018, or is it? Andi and Kathleen debate the merits of demarcating time and urge you to drink water. Kathleen shares hair-raising stories from Montreal (aka the moon) and pays tribute to her dearly departed kitty, while Andi uncovers possible family ties to Serena Williams (!). Later, we parse communication in the TimesUp era: humility, snark, hard line stances and screaming into the void. Plus, tune in to find out why "candelle" is the newest term in our candle lexicon... 

Dec 18, 2017

Crack open some cheese as Andi and Kathleen lean in to the shit of 2017 with a chat about the end of times, collective consciousness on the internet and bad takes to watch out for. Plus: a ROWDY and R-RATED discussion of menstrual cups, inventing our own winter solstice ritual, re-branding cats and dogs, and our highlights from the year (Kristin Chenoweth live! old man pants! food!). 

Nov 27, 2017

Get ready to be freaked the hell out by Andi and Kathleen's real life ghost stories! (Six spooky stories for the price of none!!) Plus, definitive proof that November is the worst month (worse than February), a look at some of the ways violence continues to haunt Canada, and some herbal remedies/cheap recipes to combat anxiety and S.A.D. And more...

Oct 23, 2017

Andi and Kathleen get into the blisters and boils of being a witch: canker sores, pimple remedies and festering media mogul pustules. We take refuge from sexual assault news to discuss Suspiria, Netflix's Mindhunter and a creepy experience Andi had watching the 1995 Sigourney Weaver thriller Copycat. Plus some thoughts on the shittiness of Bill 62 and a surprising use for tea tree oil!      

Oct 1, 2017

 Andi and Kathleen are back after a... brief hiatus with thoughts on ghosting and Agatha Christie, hating comedy, moving from paralysis to action, Policing Black Lives, One Mississippi, animal comrades and Irish goodbyes. Plus condle updates!

Jun 17, 2016
Episode 16: Better Call Becky with the Self Care

Andi and Kathleen get into: - The spiritual and therapeutic properties of tarot - Arson attempt at the only surgery clinic in Canada that performs gender affirming surgeries - Is self-care always radical? Thoughts from Audrey Lorder & Angela Davis. - Moving from self care to collective care - The importance of pleasure and an anticapitalist perspective on drug use - Personal self-care strategies: Childhood books + TV shows, food, booze, colour therapy, the dogs of high park, travel, saying no, House Hunters International, being okay with squandered time -Rants against meditation & yoga.


Apr 6, 2016
Episode 15: Sisterhood of the Travelling Ferrante Pants

Andi and Kathleen are there for you this episode because we’re all about friendship! In this installment, we discuss the radical politics of women taking care of each other throughout history and today. Or is it collusion? (Justice Horkins, what’s good?) Plus, we try to figure out what it is that makes friendship so special, discuss the emotional labour of fem-friendships, and ask if it’s ok to not be part of a #squad. Also! Some stinky words for the word toilet and a very special dispatch from the front lines. XO BFF’s!




Mar 1, 2016
Episode 14: Crushes Can't Be Fact-Checked, and Other Relationship Truth-Bombs

Andi and Kathleen tackle the relationship questions on YOUR mind: Why is heterosexuality so boring? Is it okay to hate being single? How did Marie Henein spend Valentine's Day? Is it okay to want to live with two friend-lovers and 17 cats? What are some great films/TV shows about relationships? Is it okay to ask your partner to pretend to be an owl when you're stressed out? What's the best and worst relationship advice you've ever received? Is it okay to kill off the first boy who had a crush on you? And more!




Jan 19, 2016
Episode 13: Money money money MONAY -- The Purse-onal is Politcal

We've got a brand new streamlined structure for 2016! This episode we speak candidly about money, class, mental health, condles, toasters, Celine Dion, racial wealth disparity, cat fostering, intention- setting, vulva jewellery and Scottish stereotypes. Now with more kvetching, witch knowledge and Canadian content!




Dec 21, 2015
Episode 12:  Eggnog and Hanukkah Cookies: A Full Moon Holiday ROUND UP

Happy Holidays, Coven! The last episode of 2015 features not one but TWO submissions to the Word Toilet. Plus, Andi, Kathleen, and Producer Dave gift listeners with their fave in holiday miscellanea and visit the ghosts of Christmas presents past. (What?) Then, it's a roundup of 2015's cultural gems and stinkers, personal highlights, lowlights, witchy triumphs and more!




Dec 7, 2015
Episode 11: November Spawned a Monster Identity Crisis

Episode 11: So nice we recorded it twice (because of technical difficulties). After a supremely miserable November, Andi and Kathleen dust themselves off for a chat about identities. Aspirational happy dabbling, peak feminism and witchcraft, ANGER, invisible identities, the elusive Canadian essence... Plus queersplaining shade and flushing "intimate tactics" down the word toilet.


This episode features music by Cobra & Vulture.




Oct 28, 2015
Episode 10: Fear Got a Hold On Me: Women and Horror

Happy Halloween! It's a t-t-t-terrifyingly feminist chat about the most p-p-p-problematic of film genres..

From It Follows, The Innkeepers and Teeth to High Tension, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night and Rosemary's Baby, Andi and Kathleen scare the pants off the horror-industrial complex.

Plus: office bathroom nightmares, we flush an entire article down our biggest word toilet EVER, and stay tuned to the very end for a very spooky update on the photo of a ghostly face in Kathleen's window...




Oct 3, 2015
Episode 9: Success Means Trying

Welcome to fall! Andi and Kathleen interview wise and witchy feminist film scholar Julia Cooper from cléo magazine, perform an actual Supermoon spell under cover of darkness, and discuss the meaning of success.

Plus: Hats, bats & black cats (and fancy candles)! And D.U.M.P is your new favourite comeback for men's rights activists--find out what it stands for…




Aug 26, 2015
Episode 8:  Secret Carbs (The Gender of Food)

In our very first Interview with a Couch Potato segment we talk with a "renowned chippier" about chip trends and chip pairings, and maybe invent the best chip-dip combo of all time on the air?!

Plus: recipes for sweet and salty witch potions, food through the decades, the retrograde gender roles on food TV, and harrowing/heartwarming tales of cats and bats!!




Jul 26, 2015
Episode 7: Wet Hot Humiliated Summer

This week's ep is good for what chafes you. Andi and Kathleen call out the societal pressure to enjoy the most oppressive of seasons: SUMMER. It's a heat wave of humiliations, gendered job roles, time consuming grooming, and uhhh, boob sweat. Don't miss our musical reenactment of a classic summer jam, and a mind-blowing anecdote from Producer Dave!

Jun 26, 2015
Episode 6: Women in Comedy? Pt 1

Satirizing oppression, self-deprecating comedy, degraded men... plus Toronto ghost walks, the word toilet and a recipe for casting your very own super moon success spell!




Jun 1, 2015
Episode 5: Pam Grier, the Vampire Warrior -- #TBT Feminist Icons

Paging Agent Scully: Andi and Kathleen are BACK with a mighty, crowd-sourced roar! We rant about comedy predators & Facebook battles, then #TBT to our feminist cultural awakenings in TV, movies, music, etc.!

Ready or Not, we shout out to all the great feminist/womanist icons suggested by friends and listeners: Pipi Longstocking, Hole, Sassy Magazine, Claire Huxtable...

For the love of Angela Bower, do NOT miss this episode!

May 4, 2015
Episode 4: My So-Called Angst: Mental Illness in the 90s
Andi and Kathleen dive into the angsty gals and f**kable kooks of 12 Monkeys, Benny and Joon, and Girl, Interrupted, and cast a hex on One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Plus the Tig Notaro documentary, Toronto anti-carding activism, personal stories of mental illness, and an oral history of The Littlest Hobo!
Apr 16, 2015
Episode 3: Warlock Drake and a Coven of Baes

Andi and Kathleen talk witch movies: The Craft, Practical Magic, The Witches of Eastwick! Plus Andi's magic birthday toilet seat, Producer Dave's haunted soap, and Kathleen's painfully embarrassing teenage love spell!


Apr 2, 2015
Episode 2 - Empowerment Is Blue Liquid On A Maxi Pad

Andi and Kathleen talk about witchcraft, survivor comedy, porn, and Monica Lewinsky. Plus, Ted Talk voice, pee slang, Andi's psychic moments and a reenactment from the men's rights bible!

Mar 5, 2015
Episode 1 - True Detective Season 2: Hoo Hoo and Poo Poo

In this episode, we share our thoughts on what is and isn't call-out culture, re-enact a scene from True Detective, and learn all about our hosts, including which 90s band represents Andi's teenage feminism and what Kathleen called her genitals as a kid!